The influence of Transposed Elements (TEs) on the biogenesis of microRNAs

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MicroRNA precursors structurally derived from TEs (overlap with microRNAs).
Primate microRNA precursors transcribed by RNA Pol III using Alu promoters/terminators.

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All microRNA precusors (pre-microRNA) from the selected
organism which overlap with a TE will be retrieved
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microTranspoGene is a publicly available database of human, mouse, zebrafish and nematode microRNAs which are derived from Transposable elements (TEs) either transcriptionally or structurally.
Some human microRNAs are transcribed by RNA polymerase III through its promoter located in Alu retrotransposon and the polIII terminator also located in Alu.
Other pre-microRNAs' hairpin structures are derived from the insertions of one or more TEs.
microTranspoGene is compatible with release 10.0 (August 2007) of miRBase
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